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    Showcase Dates & Schedule


    Dec 13-16:  U16 & U18 (Blaine)
    Jan 17-20:  U16 & U18 (Blaine)

    Scoresheet Information

    Scan and email scoresheet to CSDHLVP@GMAIL.COM

    Game scoresheets must be sent within 24 hours of games.
    Team managers should also update home game scores online within 24 hours of game. Email to get access to scoring.

    League Game Information by Level

    All League games, including League tournament games will play the following time rules:

    Squirt 13 min 2 min 5 min, 3 on 3 1 hr 10 min 2
    PeeWee 14 min 2 min 5 min, 3 on 3 1 hr 20 min 2
    Bantam 15 min 2 min 5 min, 3 on 3 1 hr 30 min 2
    Midget U15 15 min 2 min 5 min, 3 on 3 1 hr 30 min 3
    Midget U16 16 min 2 min 5 min, 3 on 3 2 hours 3
    Midget U18 17 min 2 min 5 min, 3 on 3 2 hours 4

    Midget Minor U16 & Midget Majors will have an ice cut.
    Athletic Trainers required on site for Bantam thru Midget Major Level.

    The CSDHL "Rita Simioni" Midget Scholarship Award

    The CSDHL has renamed our Midget Scholarship Program to the "Rita Simioni Scholarship Program" in honor of Rita for her many contributions to youth hockey.   More info

    Congratulations to the  following CSDHL players who are recipients of the award from the 2018-19 season:

    Nick Greco Cyclones Washington University
    Marco Izrael Falcons Loyola University
    Reid Peterson Cyclones Xavier University


    Managers -- instructions for entering scores on a Mobile Phone

    Managers -- instructions for entering scores on a Mobile Phone

    Team Managers, CS Reps & Presidents - Access

    DON'T HAVE A LOGIN? - Create an NGIN Login id/password then (while logged in on the CSDHL website) select "Connect to CSDHL" of the CSDHL site - so your NGIN id is linked to our membership page. Email your login id to along with your team and club name so access to your team page(s) can be activated.

    Click below for complete instructions:

    Board Meetings

    January 14, 2020
    All meetings will be at 7:00 PM
    The Edge in Bensenville

    PLAYOFFS 2020 February 6-9

    Peewees and Bantams at West Dundee CanLan 

    Squirts and Midgets at Romeoville CanLan

    Athletic Trainers

    Athletic Trainers are REQUIRED for all Bantam & Midget Level CSDHL Games.  

    If you are at a game where a trainer is not present please email Rules & Ethics to file an inquiry.  

    Club and/or team fines as well as other disciplinary measures may result.

    Academic Info

    CSDHL would like to recognize those players who meet our academic criteria at the end of the :

    First Trimester, Fall Semester, or First Two (2) Quarters of their current school year.

    Please refer to the Academic Info page for full details

    Congrats to CSDHL teams for winning State Championship





    Squirt - Jets
    PeeWee Minor - Jets
    PeeWee Major - Falcons
    Bantam Major - Hawks, Chesterfield
    U16 - Falcons, Arizona Mission, Affton Americans, Littleton
    U18 - Cyclones, Arizona Mission, Affton Americans, Littleton

    Teams pictured below attended the 2019 Nationals