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Team Managers, CS Reps & Presidents - Access & Info

NOTE: The 2019-20 season is now ACTIVE.

DON'T HAVE A LOGIN? - Create an NGIN Login id/password then (while logged in on the CSDHL website) select "Connect to CSDHL" of the CSDHL site - so your NGIN id is linked to our membership page. Email your login id to along with your team and club name so access to your team page(s) can be activated.


ALL HOME GAMES are to be added to your team page under the game schedule tab.  Clubs should update team game schedule pages as soon as possible after the August scheduling meeting.  This can be done by either team manager(s) for or by Club CSDHL Reps, as determined by your individual club.  All HOME GAMES schedules should be entered as soon as possible after scheduling.  

Email your NGIN user id (not password) and the name of the club and team(s) you need administrative access for.  Once that is received, Team Page Access will be activated and games can be added.  You will receive a return email advising when this has been completed.

PAST MANAGERS - you need to email us your NGIN login ID again (not your password) along with the club/team names you need access to.  Your team page access from last year does not carry over.

NEW MANAGERS - Create an NGIN Login id/password then (while logged in on the CSDHL website) select "Connect to CSDHL" of the CSDHL site - so your NGIN id is linked to our membership page. Email your login id to along with your team and club name so access to your team page(s) can be activated.

CSDHL REPS - If you do not currently have a login or access to your club's teams pages please create one and email your NGIN login id as well as your club name so access can be activated.  YOU WILL BE GIVEN ACCESS TO UPDATE YOUR TEAM CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE TEAM CONTACT PAGE.  THIS WILL NO LONGER BE DONE FOR YOU.  CONTACT INFORMATION MUST BE KEPT UP TO DATE, ESPECIALLY PRIOR TO SCHEDULING.

Once your team page has been activated you can access it from the Team Tab.  Select the level of play and club name under teams.  Once on your team page (make sure you are logged in and in EDIT MODE) select game schedule.  Then select Add Game.  Your team will pop up as the home team and you will need to select the Away team from the drop down box.  Only league games should be entered.  Next enter the date and time - PLEASE BE SURE THESE ARE ACCURATE.  This is the most common area for mistakes.  Enter the game location under Venue and then select Save.  If you make a mistake you can go back in and edit the date and time but you cannot delete a game or change an opponent.  If you need assistance or something deleted please email

After each home game the home team manager is also responsible for recording the score of the game as well as faxing the scoresheets to Glenn Agrest.  His fax and email information is on the homepage.  This MUST be done within 24 hours of game time.

To enter a game score from your home page click on the game schedule tab and double click on the game date radio box.  When the game details pop up click on quick score and enter the game score.  Click save. 

2019-2020 Grids

First games can start September 20. Last Game ends on February 1    

2019-20 CSDHL Teams Announced

SQUIRT - Affton, Blues, Bulldogs, Chargers, Chesterfield, Cyclones, Express, Falcons, Glenview, Hawks, Icedogs, Jets, Leafs, Rockets,  Sabres, St.Peters, Vipers, Winnetka

PEE WEE MINOR - Affton, Blues, Bruins, Bulldogs, Chargers, Chesterfield, Falcons, Hawks, Icedogs, Jets, Leafs, Sabres, St.Peters, Wilmette

PEE WEE MAJOR - Blues, Bruins, Bulldogs, Chargers, Chesterfield, Cyclones, Falcons, Hawks, Jets, Leafs, Sabres, St.Peters, Vipers

BANTAM MINOR  - Blues, Bruins, Bulldogs, Chargers, Chesterfield, Falcons, Hawks, Jets, Leafs, Rockets, Sabres, Vipers, Winnetka

BANTAM MAJOR - Affton, Blues, Bruins, Bulldogs, Chargers, Cyclones, Falcons, Hawks, Huskies, Jets, Leafs, Littleton, St.Peters, Vikings

MIDGET MINOR U15 - Affton, Blues, Bruins, Bulldogs, Chesterfield, Cyclones, Falcons, Hawks, Icedogs, Jets, Leafs, Sabres

MIDGET MINOR U16 - Affton, Chesterfield, Cyclones, Express, Falcons, Hawks, Jets, Leafs, Littleton, Sabres, Vikings

MIDGET MAJOR U18 - Affton, Bruins, Chesterfield, Cyclones, Falcons, Hawks, Icedogs, Leafs, Littleton, Sabres, Vikings

Thank you to all the Clubs and Teams that applied. 

2019-2020 Season – Important Info

League Game Information by Level

All League games, including League tournament games will play the following time rules:

Level    Periods   Penalties    Overtime     Game Time    Referees

Squirt       13 Min.     2 min.        5 min.      1hr 10 min.      2 man

PeeWee     14 min.    2 min.        5 min.       1hr 20 min.     2 man

Bantam     15 min.    2 min.        5 min.       1hr 30 min.     2 man

Mid. U15    15 min.   2.min.        5 min.       1hr 30 min      3 man

Mid. Min.    16 min.   2 min.        5 min.         2hr               3 man

Mid. Maj.    17 min.   2 min.        5 min.          2hr              4 man

Midget Minor U16 and Midget Majors will have an ice cut.

Athletic Trainers required on site for Bantam-Midget Major Level.

Congrats to Chesterfield 04's -- National Champs

Academic Info

CSDHL would like to recognize those players who meet our academic criteria at the end of the :

First Trimester, Fall Semester, or First Two (2) Quarters of their current school year.

Please refer to the Academic Info page for full details


Teams pictured below are headed to Nationals

Congrats to CSDHL teams for winning State Championship

Squirt - Jets

PeeWee Minor - Jets

PeeWee Major - Falcons

Bantam Major - Hawks, Chesterfield

U16 - Falcons, Arizona Mission, Littleton

U18 - Cyclones, Arizona Mission. Affton Americans, Littleton

2018-19 Playoff Champions

Suspension List

Board Meetings

September 10 2019

November 5 2019

January 14 2020

All meetings will be at 7:00 PM
The Edge in Bensenville

Athletic Trainers for games

Athletic Trainers are REQUIRED for all Bantam & Midget Level CSDHL Games.  

If you are at a game where a trainer is not present please email Rules & Ethics to file an inquiry.  

Club and/or team fines as well as other disciplinary measures may result.

Scoresheet Information

Scan and email scoresheet to CSDHLVP@GMAIL.COM

Game scoresheets must be sent within 24 hours of games.
Team managers should also update home game scores online within 24 hours of game. Email to get access to scoring.

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