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Bruins Easily Beats Chesterfield 7-1

By Linguastat 02/03/2013, 12:20pm CST

Bruins shuts down shooters to win by a wide margin

Bruins Prevails Over Nashville 6-3

By Linguastat 02/03/2013, 11:05am CST

Michael Cacciato shines with the hat trick and Bruins puts the squeeze on shooters to get a victory

Bruins Beaten By Falcons 4-1

By Linguastat 02/02/2013, 8:10pm CST

Falcons relies on defense to get the win on the road

Chargers Narrowly Loses To Hawks 4-2

By Linguastat 02/02/2013, 2:50pm CST

Hawks makes forwards' life difficult to edge out their opponents on the road, ends string of losses

Affton Scoreless Against Chesterfield 4-0

By Linguastat 01/31/2013, 7:20pm CST

Chesterfield strong on the ice to win in a shutout on the road

Chargers Narrowly Beaten By Bruins 3-1

By Linguastat 01/30/2013, 7:50pm CST

Bruins strong on D to prevail on the road

Rockford Outscores Leafs 2-1

By Linguastat 01/29/2013, 8:30pm CST

Rockford strong on D to grab the win

Chesterfield Wins Against Bruins 7-4

By Linguastat 01/27/2013, 12:00pm CST

Chesterfield scores three goals in the second, goes on to get a win

Twin Bridges Shuts Door On Indy 13-0

By Linguastat 01/27/2013, 11:45am CST

Twin Bridges looks to the defense to win the shutout

Blues Leaves No Doubt Against Chargers 8-2

By Linguastat 01/27/2013, 10:50am CST

Blues strong on D to dominate the game

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 35