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Academic Information

Part of the CSDHL mission is to promote excellence in the academics and personal conduct among its Tier II youth hockey players.   On way the league feels it can do this is by establishing a recognition program to honor those players who achieve our highest academic standards.  The league would like to recognize those CSDHL players who meet the following criteria at the end of the First Trimester, Fall Semester, or first two (2) Quarters of their current school year:

 Elementary and Middle School - players through grade 8, who earn:

• Straight “A”s

High School - players grades 9-12, who earn:

• Straight “A”s or

• Who are recognized on their school’s Highest Honor Roll as of February 1st

*Please note recognition is for the current school year and not based on cumulative achievement or GPA.

CSDHL acknowledges that some schools use non-traditional letter or numeric grading systems, a narrative assessment system, the Common or Standard Core grading system, or may be home schooled. Please provide any documentation that accurately confirms your player meets the CSDHL academic criteria of grades or honor roll status for consideration.

Each qualifying player should email Will Lite at a copy of their First Trimester, Fall Semester or first (2) Quarter report card and include:

• Player’s name as they would like it to appear on the CS website

• Current CS team club and division (Sabres/Midget U15)

Deadline to summit report card is February 1st

Due to the volume of applications, no confirmation e-mails will be sent.

We will acknowledge our academic scholars on the CSDHL website throughout the season and during the Spring semester.

If you have any questions please contact Will Lite ( Keep up the good work in the classroom, hard work on the ice and enjoy your hockey season.